Saturday, July 27, 2013

In which my television curse continues full throttle...

It's a long-running joke amongst my friends that I am a curse on television shows. If there's a new show that I see advertised and I think to myself, "Hey, that shoe looks really good. I'm gonna watch it." and then I watch it from the beginning, said show will be canceled after one season (maybe, two). I have killed Homefront, Pushing Daisies, Mr. Sunshine and most sadly (at least to me) Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. There are others. It's traumatic for me to discuss it at length.

And that is why I'm issuing an apology. Because y'all...I have killed Bunheads. It was saucy and sassy and it starred Sutton Foster and it was about ballet. Sometimes there were production numbers. It delighted the hell out of me for 18 episodes and then it was in this weird limbo place where ABC Family was trying to decide whether to cancel or renew and after keeping everyone waiting for the better part of the summer, they cancel it. (Actually, this shouldn't surprise me. Disney is doing their level-best to kill my soul this summer.)

I'm dead inside. I got that show. That show got ME. And now 'tis but a memory.

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